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The story flashed across my Facebook screen today (which is about the only way I get news now): “Richard Bach went down in an airplane crash”.

The short article below contains meditations on what Richard Bach taught about life and death through the brilliant stories he wrote. But first, I want to add a personal note about this extraordinary human.

I met Richard first through his book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It was a bestseller in 1973, the year I was born. When I first read this little book, it changed my life. I didn’t understand everything he said–some of it bent old beliefs and thoughts of mine out of shape. Some of it made me feel afraid. I read it again years later and understood most of it because I had begun to walk the path of awakening in earnest.

I met Richard next when he briefly tried his hand at Twitter. That “chance” crossing-of-paths came at a critcal time for me. I was in the throes of writing my first book and feeling deeply unsure that my work was good enough to share with the world. Richard was kind enough to become a part-time mentor. In spite of his busy life, he read various things I wrote and came back with words so warm and encouraging that I was given new faith in myself. I am forever grateful for this man and his presence in my life.

Just yesterday, I received a note from him. He has been organizing a big get together for “the family” from all over the world–and I was thrilled to have the chance to finally meet this man in the flesh.

**Note: As I write this now, Richard Bach still occupies his human body. He is in the hospital and there is a strong chance he will continue walking among us for awhile longer. I invite you to join me in holding him with great love and honor as his Higher Self decides the best path from here.

Read my short article below if you’d like to know some of the things I learned from this beautiful man.
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It’s Okay To Be Human


I’m pleased to introduce a good friend and fellow author in this edition of Your Awakened Self e-magazine. Carol Woodliff has generously agreed to share a full chapter from her brand-new book “From Scared To Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life”. I have included the entire Chapter 2: It’s Okay To Be Human below and invite you to read it.

Today is the big launch for Carol’s new book and I’ve also included a link to her page where you can enter your Amazon order code and get a bunch of great bonus items if you choose to get your own copy in either Kindle or paperback.

Here’s a little history behind our friendship. Carol and I met during the Next Top Spiritual Author competition a few years ago. We immediately hit it off and have shared many conversations since then. I love Carol’s writing and her example of what it means to live an inspired life–how it is to shed layers of fear and step into our beautiful, powerful Selves. Big sigh of relief, too! As you’ll experience for yourself in this sample chapter, Carol is not some plaster of Paris guru. She is refreshingly honest about her own struggles and humanity.

Please enjoy this sample chapter and give Ms. Woodliff a round of applause as she launches her book into the world. Since she can’t hear your physical hands clapping, I encourage you to let her feel your support by buying, reading and reviewing this book.

From Scared to Sacred: 
Lessons in Learning to Dance With Life 
by Carol Woodliff

Chapter 2
It’s Okay to Be Human

You are the place where heaven and earth meet—an infinite spirit in a body that has limits. Laugh at the complexities and contradictions with a loving heart. Remember you are divine and fragile at the same time. What good is it to hate your humanness? 
Let go of the need to prove or judge yourself, and instead, experience yourself. Embrace life. Make mistakes. Forgive yourself. Learn the lessons. Where is it that you feel not good enough? Where do you feel that you need to hide or keep a part of yourself a secret? Those are your opportunities to live. Be yourself without masks or drama or affect. Be who you are most embarrassed to be. When you let go of the need to be anyone but yourself, you are truly free. Your humanness is not something to be embarrassed about. You are okay—broken and vulnerable as you feel; that brokenness is part of the journey.  Read the rest of this entry